Do you like to Photo Walk?

So, you have a camera or maybe you’re like me – you have more than a few cameras and you’re thinking of heading out to take some photographs. You heard that the new place by the bay is really nice (Marina Bay, maybe?) or the nearby park is looking really nice and you wanna go for a photo walk?

So, here are some quick tips for you…

1. Dress comfortable – for the obvious reasons, duh. You’re going to be on your feet for a while and it’s important you feel comfortable. Comfortable shoes and light clothing work best, for me at least!

2. Carry less – Sometimes less is more 😉 Carrying less means you can do more with your hands and also means you can cover more distance and be more focused! Some days we all want to carry all our gears and be sure we have that camera and/or lens in our bag when we are out, but I can tell you from first-hand (backbreaking) experience that it’s no fun lugging all that on your back/shoulder. BUT, if you’re shooting film like me, do bring a few rolls of spare films ok? Don’t be caught stranded with no films! And, films don’t take up much space or weight in your pockets or bag.

 3. Be aware – Being aware of your surroundings will help you get the shot(s) you want and of course, prevent you from falling over or tripping and breaking your precious camera(s). And, be ready – keep your camera(s) switched on and ready to shoot!

P.S.: You might want to read this article from Digital Photography School – 10 Tips for Enjoying a Photo Walk .