A (whale of a) Party – Lomography Fisheye Baby 110 Launch

Following the exciting revival of the 110 format film, it was only a matter of time before Lomography launched its very own 110 camera! And here it is!!! Lomography has launched its very own Fisheye Baby 110 !!!

Fisheye Baby 110 Basic (Left) & Fisheye Baby 110 Metal (Right)

The Fisheye Babies come in simple yet trendy Black/White color scheme. The 2 variations have 1 key difference which is the flash connectivity (PC-sync port) on the Metal version (you can see the metal connection port on the top panel).

This is how it looks like with the Colorsplash Flash attached via a PC-sync adapter! How cool!!! 

And, this is how it looks from the side – you can see the film cartridge  from this angle.

And this is how it looks like sitting onto my (compact) Olympus Trip 35 🙂

The wonderful folks at Lomography Singapore unveiled the new cameras through a puppet show! It was a shame that I didn’t manage to get a photo of that part of the party.

Here are the photos of some of the cool lomo-heads I met at the party!

And this is @awesomesther, yours truly! 🙂

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