Under Construction: The Konstruktor Launch Party


So, it’s been a while but Lomography has been busy konstrukting something interesting for all of its fans and analogue photography fans! Here it is! On 13 June 2013, the Konstruktor was launched worldwide at Lomography Gallery Stores.

I was pleased to attend the Launch Party at Lomography Gallery Singapore. Here are some photos I took of the set on display at the LGS!


edited-2401 edited-2402 edited-2405

Oh look! You can see what you’re shooting! Focusing works! 😉 Plus, the lens is detachable – which means we might see some interchangeable lenses coming! Hooray!!! During the party, there was a Sandwich Slam (sandwich making contest) going on, and well, who could say No to being part of the action?

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Hey ho! Lookie! I got myself a Konstruktor! Can’t wait till I finally open the package and start assembling the camera! 🙂



To find out more about the Konstruktor, read my previous post or visit the microsite here.

A (whale of a) Party – Lomography Fisheye Baby 110 Launch

Following the exciting revival of the 110 format film, it was only a matter of time before Lomography launched its very own 110 camera! And here it is!!! Lomography has launched its very own Fisheye Baby 110 !!!

Fisheye Baby 110 Basic (Left) & Fisheye Baby 110 Metal (Right)

The Fisheye Babies come in simple yet trendy Black/White color scheme. The 2 variations have 1 key difference which is the flash connectivity (PC-sync port) on the Metal version (you can see the metal connection port on the top panel).

This is how it looks like with the Colorsplash Flash attached via a PC-sync adapter! How cool!!! 

And, this is how it looks from the side – you can see the film cartridge  from this angle.

And this is how it looks like sitting onto my (compact) Olympus Trip 35 🙂

The wonderful folks at Lomography Singapore unveiled the new cameras through a puppet show! It was a shame that I didn’t manage to get a photo of that part of the party.

Here are the photos of some of the cool lomo-heads I met at the party!

And this is @awesomesther, yours truly! 🙂

– * If you’re keen to make a purchase of this cute little camera, simply click on the banner to your right – it will take it straight to the Lomography Online Store! You can help awesomesther.com by making your purchases through the banners you see on this site. Thank you!

Animated creativity

Very honored to be invited to the N.E.mation! 6 Bloggers’ Animation Workshop, which took place on Tuesday (25 October). It was great fun working with my hands at the Stop Motion workshop.

After understanding what Stop Motion was about, we got a chance to experience how a simple Stop Motion clip is made using very simple materials like colored papers and some markers!

Here is my partner (@tangenghui) hard at work!

And a glimpse behind the scene after all the drawing and cutting …

The software (AniMaker) was easy to grasp and very user-friendly, we go the hang of it very quickly and here is our short (and very simple) Stop Motion clip on the adverse effects of air pollution. This was all done in under an hour, including everything from the drawing, cutting and putting everything together. And, it’s our very first attempt, so… try not to laugh (too much) ok? :p

Overall, it was an awesome evening. I learned something new and met some cool peeps. 😉

For more info on N.E.mation! 6, visit : http://nemation.sg/ !

Today’s Special – La Sardina Recipe

Let’s spend a moment to take in the glorious beauty of the La Sardina before we proceed…

This is the recipe of Today’s Special!

We would need :

1) a La Sardina, and as you can see above, I have one gorgeous piece,

2) a Lomographer (this would be ME!) and of couse,

3) a roll of film!

Today’s weapon of choice : Lomography Redscale XR (Extended Range of 50-400iso)

The next few photos will show you the film is being loaded into the La Sardina 🙂

#1. Press the lever to release the back cover.

#2. Peel it open…

#3. Pull up the rewind knob, to make space for loading the film cassette.

#4. Fill the cassette in, with the film leader extending towards the right / take-up spool.

#5. Fold the film leader so that it stays snuggly on the take-up spool.

#6. Make sure you hook the sprocket (the little holes) onto the take-up spool.

#7. Check that the ‘teeth’ of the crank is also catching onto the sprocket hole(s).

#8. Close the back cover, but you’re not ready to shoot just yet.

#9. Wind the knob until it stops, the film counter should be pointing at “1”.

#10. You’re READY TO SHOOT! (P.S: Please remember to remove the lens cover!)

What’s in my Giant Fisheye Bag?!

Ooo… See the giant fisheye bag with my name!

Let’s take a peek into the bag!!!!!! (So excited!)

Woo hoo!!!!!!!!! The La Sardina Marathon!!!!! Ain’t it gorgeous???! Let’s take a closer look at it!

Thanks to Lomography & Lomography Asia!

What lies ahead is 3 weeks of fun and adventure with this fun little camera!! I am sure it would be a head turner on the streets!

Stay tuned to see what happens next!