Who is @awesomesther?

Hello there!

Before I introduce myself, I thank you for dropping by and viewing my photos!

My name is Esther, awesomesther is like my alter-ego.

I was born and bred in Singapore & started shooting on film with my first Lomography camera (Diana F+) sometime in Sept 2010. I really enjoyed just expressing myself and capturing the moment that I was in, by shooting and recording them on good o’ films. It was fun just to be shooting and not constantly checking the LCD screen to see how the picture was.

Then, I moved on to explore shooting with 35mm film SLRs (this is full frame! how cool is that?) and also continued to explore some more “Lomo techniques & cameras”. I’ve also tried various cameras like Twin-Lens Reflex (both 35mm and 120), as well as Rangefinders.

I wish to document what & how I see the world, and show it to people (from all over the world as long as they wanna see it). I also hope to travel to different parts of the world to take more photographs, see different cultures and meet more like-minded individuals! If you share this interest of photography/lomography and you’re visiting Singapore – do drop me a line!

All photos shown on this site are mine unless otherwise stated/credited.

(FYI, most of the photos you see here are unedited, raw scans straight from the films.) All the “Lomo” photos you see here, are created through creative use of cameras and/or films. They are NOT post processed to look as such.

If you like what you see here and wish to use any of my images for your blog, website or wherever else for whatever reason, I would greatly appreciate it if you could kindly drop me a message here first.

Also, you have a question for me, be it technical questions about how to operate a certain camera or how particular effects on my photos are achieved, please drop me a line here! I will try my best to answer you.

Where else can you find me?

I am on Flickr , Twitter and Facebook ! 🙂

– Esther