The Comeback of the Year! – ORCA by Lomography

Yea, your heard right! Lomography has brought back the 110 films! Delight film lovers and shooters! If you have some of your old 110 cameras, it’s the time now to bring them out and go wild shooting!!!



The Comeback Of The Year: We bring back a whole new range of 110 film and named the first film after one of the biggest creatures out there – The Orca!

Back in Black & White: The 110 Orca will please your pocket camera with 100 ISO and crispy black & white tones – only 5.000 pieces of the first production run available!

More To Come: The Orca is just the beginning of a whole new 110 film world  – stay tuned!

The condemned live longer and yet there is a resurrection of the analogue kind to be announced! Analogue enthusiasts suffered a great loss in 2009 when 110 film production stopped forever – forever? Never say never! We are very happy to announce the comeback of 110 film! The all new Black & White film Orca is our very first 110 film and only the peak of an 110 film iceberg that is waiting to be released. Finally all the vintage pocket cameras out there will be loaded with fresh new film to end their useless and dusty days in collector’s shelves out there.



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