Animated creativity

Very honored to be invited to the N.E.mation! 6 Bloggers’ Animation Workshop, which took place on Tuesday (25 October). It was great fun working with my hands at the Stop Motion workshop.

After understanding what Stop Motion was about, we got a chance to experience how a simple Stop Motion clip is made using very simple materials like colored papers and some markers!

Here is my partner (@tangenghui) hard at work!

And a glimpse behind the scene after all the drawing and cutting …

The software (AniMaker) was easy to grasp and very user-friendly, we go the hang of it very quickly and here is our short (and very simple) Stop Motion clip on the adverse effects of air pollution. This was all done in under an hour, including everything from the drawing, cutting and putting everything together. And, it’s our very first attempt, so… try not to laugh (too much) ok? :p

Overall, it was an awesome evening. I learned something new and met some cool peeps. 😉

For more info on N.E.mation! 6, visit : !

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