A different dusk

Camera : Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim (UWS)
Film : Agfa CT Precisa 100 (Slide)

Location : Tampin Railway Station, Malaysia 2011

I took a long train ride on the KTM Railway up to Tampin Station in Malaysia for a couple hours with a friend and we snapped to our hearts’ content, though the weather was rather gloomy that day.

See the rest of this album here.

4 thoughts on “A different dusk

  1. Is it me or every single picture you post from this roll is better from the last one? Very nice picture 😀 next time try thinking about the rule of thirds, it would have a greater impact if the white lighthouse would be more to the right… tell me what you think haha
    anyway, i love the kind of vignetting you get with your wide and slim! i just want to try one!

    • OK! I get what you mean, I wonder if you noticed the people in the middle of the photo? They are more like dark figures cos of the lighting… :p

      You should get a UWS and try it! 😀

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