Review: Wanna Slice your Photos up?!

Rule #8 : You don’t have to know beforehand what you captured on film. Yes, that’s right. With the Diana+ Splitzer, you can have more fun doing what you love!

This “little piece of plastic” is a piece of gem. The Diana+ Splitzer fits nicely in front of your Diana F+ ‘s lens and you can adjust the area which you want to “expose”. If you have a Diana and you’re thinking “what else can I do with my favourite camera?” The answer is here! Get a Splitzer and try it!

What I like:

The green piece slides easily to let you adjust the area of exposure. Now, on the same frame, you can exposure 2 times, 3 times, 4 times or more?!

And, be surprised when you see the photos after development. It’s always fun.

Plus, it totally works with your Diana+ 35mm back (read the other review I wrote here) so you can use it with your 35mm films & 120 films!

What can be improved:

As you can see from the illustration of the Splitzer above, the maximum you can expose each time, is just half of the entire area. What would be really cool, would be the option to have more freedom in adjusting the Splitzer to expose a bigger area like 3/4 of the frame or something.

But, right now, I’m happy with this and I want to do more experiments with it and I promise to come back with more photos when I’m done with more tries!

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