A Fishy Encounter

The past week had been a blast! Spending time out and about with the La Sardina has been nothing short of an adventure…
A quick shout out to the wonderful folks at Lomography who made this possible for me!!! Thank you!!!

Now, let me take you through my Fishy Encounter!

For my first roll, I decided to try the Lomography Redscale XR, since it has an extended range which makes it easy when shooting with a camera of fixed aperture (and shutter) like the La Sardina

Read on to find out all about my adventure!

It was a wet and gloomy noon as it was drizzling, and since it was slightly dark, the film exhibits a more intense red hues.

So… I thought “Let’s try some double or multiple exposure!”

And so I did! (It made my trigger-happy finger very happy indeed!) With the La Sardina, it is really easy to do MX (code name for Multiple eXposure) as it has a little switch made just for that!

Finally when the rain has decided to spare me the misery, and the sun peeped from behind the clouds, I was getting a little more light and feeling happier…

This color saturation is just right to me, and it gives a sense of mystery with the slight vignetting at the sides.

Even with a brighter light, it didn’t stop me from doing more MX shots! 🙂

And now, this is one special photo, it turned out very different from the rest but it looks great! I love film! I love all the surprise it brings! LOMO ON!

Part 1 of my Fishy Encounter has ended… And I hurried over to the friendly photo lab (Triple D @ Burlington Sq) to drop off my roll…

It also means, Part 2 is just waiting to start!!

This time … the film of choice is Fuji Sensia 400!!!!!! It is a slide film, and I was very excited to x-pro (cross process) it and see what sparks would a combi like the La Sardina and Sensia 400 give!

Though it’s x-pro but the color shift is fairly natural, just with a more vivid and intense contrast which I really like!

Plus, the ultra wide lens of the La Sardina gives it a nice perspective. Specially when it’s up close!

I am still trying to get the hang of the focal distance of the La Sardina but it didn’t stop me from having fun!

And I really love the MX switch, it made it so easy to have extra fun doing multiple exposure!

I am definitely gonna bring it out again and again (before my 3-weeks runs out!)

*Psst… Remember I’ve 10 x 10piggies to give away to you?! (If you forgot, click here to refresh your memory!)

Here’s how…

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3. Leave a comment on this post to say WHY you want the piggies / you deserve them!

Also!!!! I’ll have a bundle of assorted films to give away to ONE lucky reader! Stay tuned for that!!! 😀

//edited on 18 June 2013, 2234hrs: To repair the broken links and missing images. 🙂

61 thoughts on “A Fishy Encounter

  1. yay! jia you for the contest! hehe. i love the colours of the fuji sensia x-pro! usually don’t like x-pro but i love this one cos it’s so nice and saturated and vivid. heh. awesome sardine can! hahah

  2. 🙂 I liked this fishy tale! There are probably more deserving people who want the piggies, I guess I would just love to put them towards Fuji Sensia to x pro it like you did!!

    I support your blog! 🙂

  3. I love the sensia shots! I always thought sensia turned out pink but that’s some nice colours there!
    I’d love some piggies for the Lubitel 166+ that I’m saving for because it’s medium format and I’ve never really done medium before, and if I’m gonna go into the medium scene I want a proper camera, hence Lubi. 🙂 or Jane, as I will call her.
    I’m trying to think of every possible thing to write an article about and I’ve come up with a few things so far but I’m still not even there by 1/6, so a little help on the way would be much appreciated 🙂

  4. Love how you portray the pictures! Beautiful with an element of surprise. I hope you can take your La Sardina to New York city one day to shoot all the lovely architecture! Charming photos!! 🙂 Awesome estherography!

  5. Awesome pictures Esther!you make a fine photography 🙂 especially love the picture of the close up angel! Also, great demonstration of how the lomography redscale XR alters the mood of the pictures with llight. Great work!

  6. Hello !!! You developed the photos v fast !! Anyway I like the shots w fuji sensia better esp the angel and flower mx 😉 maybe cos its brighter but it doesn’t look xpro-ed !!! :O wna see how the photos turn out if you use b&w or normal negatives ! 🙂 and jy Esther hope you get the lca ! 😀 (Y) (Y)

    • Hey! Thank you!!! 🙂 Yea the Fuji Sensia 400 is great. Gonna get more of that film soon 🙂 I’ve already loaded a roll of b/w in the La Sardina, that’ll be the next album! 😉
      Hopefully I do get my dream camera soon enough!

  7. Hi! Love the colours of the sensia and MX shots! The second last one is the most surreal! Love how it seems as though the flowers are popping out from the photo!!

  8. i love both sets of photos, esther! plus the places that you shot in roll 1 are super familiar to me. =p is that kranji war memorial in roll 2?


    • Hey Robert! Thanks for coming by and dropping a line! I *may* or *may not* have the La Sardina by the end of the challenge but I sure hope we can do a doubles together!

      Pls go my lomo home (ID: awesomesther) and check out my user blog there too! I’ve an open invitation for doubles. Do let me know if you’re keen & how you wish to proceed.

      P.S: I’m still in the process of doing a couple of doubles. So might take a while longer :p

  9. Hi Esther! I love your “A FISHY ENCOUNTER”. The photos are amazing and also the way you tell us about the shooting process! Interesting challenge, Wish you tons of good luck!

  10. lovely pics esther! i myself enjoyed shooting with la sardina for the first time. glad you had a blast too. i particularly like the variations of color saturation in your redscale shots. good luck! 🙂

    • Hey Sherwin! Thanks for popping by! 😀 I’m gonna collect 2 more rolls of the La Sardina later this week and would probably do another post! 😀
      Really excited to see the results on the Color Neg as well as B/W roll which I just tried 😀

  11. Certainly something “Fishy” about this review. haha. 🙂 Just joking. 😛 NIce photos! Hope you will win the cammy. and that angel is so cute 🙂 And i dig the Sensia 400 xpro effect ! Nice !

  12. Hello! Hehe, I stumbled upon your blog when @greybear retweeted you! 🙂

    Anyway, being a beginner to film photography (I only own a Ultra slim & wide 😦 ), I want the piggies so I can hopefully get a new camera and more films and do more exploration with them! But waiting for the films to be developed can be a painful yet exciting process :O

    Btw, I really love the pictures you took, really really beautiful! 🙂

    • Hey Dawn, thank you! I think the Vivitar ultra wide & slim is great, just need the right film/light conditions and it would be all great 😉 This week, I’m uploading more photos from my Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim 😀

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