Today’s Special – La Sardina Recipe

Let’s spend a moment to take in the glorious beauty of the La Sardina before we proceed…

This is the recipe of Today’s Special!

We would need :

1) a La Sardina, and as you can see above, I have one gorgeous piece,

2) a Lomographer (this would be ME!) and of couse,

3) a roll of film!

Today’s weapon of choice : Lomography Redscale XR (Extended Range of 50-400iso)

The next few photos will show you the film is being loaded into the La Sardina 🙂

#1. Press the lever to release the back cover.

#2. Peel it open…

#3. Pull up the rewind knob, to make space for loading the film cassette.

#4. Fill the cassette in, with the film leader extending towards the right / take-up spool.

#5. Fold the film leader so that it stays snuggly on the take-up spool.

#6. Make sure you hook the sprocket (the little holes) onto the take-up spool.

#7. Check that the ‘teeth’ of the crank is also catching onto the sprocket hole(s).

#8. Close the back cover, but you’re not ready to shoot just yet.

#9. Wind the knob until it stops, the film counter should be pointing at “1”.

#10. You’re READY TO SHOOT! (P.S: Please remember to remove the lens cover!)

4 thoughts on “Today’s Special – La Sardina Recipe

  1. Hey Esther !!! Hehe, am thinking of getting this camera (with the flash) ‘cos its super cute omg !!!! 🙂 Awaiting to see your photos from it. Anyway, have you considered doing videos instead ? 😉

    • It’s really cute!!! I think the one with flash is uber awesome!

      And yes I wanted to do a video for the film loading but I gave up cos I’ve no experience editing video at all 😦

      See if I can think of something fun to do! 🙂

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