2 thoughts on “Fly fly fly

  1. This is pretty nice, I like it. I don’t know if you’ve got one, do you know how to do double exposures on a original LC-A (russian made) ? I really get inspired when I look at yours made with your Diana, but all I have is my LC-A, my SLR and my Smena…

    • There are many ways for this… For the particular photo, I used a “Splitzer” which covered half of the lens, then I exposed the 2 halves separately, so It’s like ‘broken”…

      If U wanna do a Double Exp for your original LC-A I think you can shoot once, then hold the button at the bottom of the camera (to release the winder) and then wind your film as normal, then when it’s cocked as normal, U can fire again, then wind as per normal (w/o holding the button down) to take the next frame.

      I hope this helps. (And I do not have any LC-A currently :p)

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